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Where Architainment Meets Edutainment 



We design unusual concepts for residential complexes, business premises, schools and public facilities.
Whether in the conceptual design phase or in the physical space, our real estate inventions are based on multi-layered planning with state-of-the-art visualization technologies and design. Innovation plays a key role in long-term success. Adjusting scale and local adaptation are essential for sustainable urban design.



Urban venues and housing complexes thrive best when they are built to fit the ecosystem and community they are intended to serve. The myriad economic, social and brand identity aspects are all part of a holistic universe that makes for a successful realization. We are proud to be able to bring all of these aspects together into a clearly branded, urban effective entity.




Built projects serve as anchor points in the physical and virtual environment. Our approach is to combine design qualities, energy balance and social aspects into unique urban concepts. We design the full range of worlds in a vibrant, human and fun way, offering new living routines for socializing, consuming, entertaining and learning.

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