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"Empowering Communities through Innovation and Design"


Edutainment and Tech Venues. Landpax develops local innovation centers that serve as empowerment hubs for both children and adults, providing new business opportunities and increasing social impact in communities. Our venues are designed with our proprietary edutainment program, offering entertaining and educational content such as stage shows, music, classes, books, and more.


Building Spaces that Serve a Purpose. We also offer event concepts for tech enthusiasts, suitable for startups and established companies in line with the global Sustainable Development Goals. Our focus on creating vibrant and livable spaces allows us to build venues that trigger positive change in the wider urban environment, providing space for residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality programs to develop.


Boosting Local Development Capacities. We create functional and inspiring spaces, combining creative arts, economical development, tech innovations, and iconic designs. Choose us for innovation and design that empowers communities.

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