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"Inspiring Young Minds through
Design and Innovation"


Creating Immersive Environments for Children's Spaces. We create immersive environments that engage and inspire young minds. Our Ipaxi® and Paxikid® NextGen EduHubs combine design, storytelling, performing arts, original music, cross-media production, gaming, sports, and learning spaces to create world-class architectural environments for children's spaces, from kindergartens, schools, community centers to mega mixed-use hospitality creations.

Transforming Learning Spaces into Edutainment Environments. Our edutainment concept "School as Play" transforms learning spaces into interactive and lively environments that promote creativity and imagination. We also believe in building a brighter future for our children, and our conceptual design and branding reflects that belief.

Building a Brighter Future for Children through Conceptual Design and Branding. By boosting the capacities of local actors in the field of urban development with innovative brands and concepts, we create safe and interactive spaces for kids. Choose Landpax to inspire and educate young minds.

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